This site gives a few information how to start claiming Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.


Several months ago I started with Bitcoins. After collecting some information about it I wanted to start claiming, but I haven't found any faucetlist that was kept up to date!

As soon as possible I'll keep my own lists up to date. Also I'll remove sites that don't pay!


A wallet is needed to sell or buy your cryptocurrency, in example on Coinbase. Switching your wallet to another "provider" is possible with the private key. Only the owner should know it!

Unlimited Bitcoin adresses can be generated! If you want to keep yourself anonymously you have to change the address for each transaction!

Private Key

The private key is needed to recreate your wallet, or to switch your address to another client (i.e. from Core to Electrum).

It is highly recommended to write that key down, so no hackers can take your coins!

From the Core-Clients you get your p-key writing the following commands in the console:

walletpassphrase "********" 600
dumpprivkey "your coin-address"


You get free Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for solving a simple captcha. This coins will be transferred to FaucetBOX before you get it to your wallet.

ePay Faucet-Rotator

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Bitcoins are not issued or distributed by a central bank - they are created through complex algorithms by the P2P network of the community. This process is called "Mining".

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